Asbestos and lead

Building materials containing asbestos and lead have been identified in buildings on campus built prior to 1980.

Asbestos is most often a component of the following building materials:

  • Ceiling tiles and their adhesives.
  • Floor tiles and their adhesives.
  • Duct installation and tapes.
  • Laboratory counter tops.
  • Fume hoods.
  • Pipe insulation.

Not all types and forms of these materials contain asbestos. It is important that you do not disturb these materials by moving, removing, breaking, cracking or dismantling them.

Contact the Office of Facilities Management Asbestos and Lead Project Manager (581.3063) for an assessment should you encounter these materials in poor condition or damaged.

Lead is most often found in interior and exterior paints used on older buildings on campus. Should you encounter peeling paints, contact the Asbestos and Lead Project Manager (581.3063) for assessment.

Neither asbestos nor lead pose health risks when they are intact, such as intact floor tiles, ceiling tiles, pipe insulation or paint.