When people from disparate fields work together, they advance knowledge and practice. And when todays students become tomorrows teachers, researchers, and professionals, the total effect is that a given fieldbe it engineering or music or gaming or medicinematures and transforms as new perspectives are taken into account.
Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities, 2019

EPICs cooperating organizations aspire to provide integrated experiential learning through hands-on exposure to research practices, emerging technologies, design thinking, interdisciplinary experiences, and innovative problem-solving.

We welcome students, faculty, staff, and community partners to learn more, and to share how we may best support your needs in an ever-changing world.  

EPIC Program Opportunities

INT 125, an introductory course for students from any degree program, featuring applied problem-solving and highlighting resources available through our cooperating organizations.

EPIC Certificate, a four course undergraduate credential demonstrating a students focus on research, innovation, communication, and strategy skills while completing their degree.

Internships designed to prioritize applicants with EPIC preparation.

Funding support for experiential learning curriculum development.

Serving the 做厙腦瞳app System and Beyond